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Bernette b05 Academy


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Meet the Bernette 05 Academy, also referred to as the b05 Academy. This machine is your robust, durable, and powder allrounder. Equipped with a wide range of functions, including 30 essential stitches and a fast motor, the b05 Academy lets you quickly realize your wildest ideas. For tricky projects that require a slower pace you can reduce the maximum sewing speed.

The Bernette 05 Academy Features Include:
Sewing speed up to 1,100 stitches per minute
30 essential stitches
Super stretch (Lycra) stitch and blanket stitch
Finger guard
2 LED sewing lights
Power switch with speed limitation
12 included presser feet
High-quality extension table
Adjustable presser foot pressure

1,100 Stitches Per Minute
The Bernette 05 Academy will run at a maximum speed of 1,100 stitches per minute.

Want to go Full or Half Speed?
Do you have a tricky sewing project? Then the half-speed mode on the Bernette 05 Academy, with maximum 650 stitches per minute, is perfect for you.

30 Essential Stitches
30 essential stitches, the 1-step-buttonhole, and the b05 exclusive stitch set Lycra Stitch for super stretchy materials and Blanket Stitch come standard.

Fabric Feeding Made Easy
Ensuring an even fabric feeding has never been easier with the adjustable presser foot pressure. Unwanted gathering of both thin and thick fabrics is the past. Adjust the upper thread tension in order to optimally balance the upper and bobbin thread on the Bernette 05 Academy.

Retractable Feed Dog
With the help of the retractable feed dog, you will effortlessly have evenly spaced stitches when darning or free-motion sewing. Just lower the feed dog by a simple move on the back of the Bernette 05 Academy.

Super-Large Slide-on table
The easy-to-attach and included slide-on table makes sewing and fabric guiding even more comfortable, especially for large sewing projects while working on the Bernette 05 Academy.

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