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Baby Lock Soprano Sewing Machine


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Are you looking for an easy place to start quilting? Look no further than the Baby Lock Soprano sewing and quilting machine. This machine has all the modern sewing conveniences like automatic pivoting, a built-on memory, a favorite stitch setting, and so much more. The user-friendly features of the Baby Lock Soprano make it simple to get started and even easier to finish any project. Your creative possibilities are endless on the Soprano with the 300 built-in stitches.

The Baby Lock Soprano Sewing and Quilting Machine Feature Include:
LCD Screen
Advanced Needle Threader
Advanced Pivoting Feature
300 Built-In Stitches
Automatic Fabric Sensor System

Built-In Stitch Memory
One of our favorite features on the Baby Lock Soprano is the ability to save custom stitches and favorite settings with the built-in stitch memory.

Advanced Pivoting Feature
With the Baby Lock Soprano, you can turn corners, follow curves and maneuver around applique shapes.

Automatic Fabric Sensor System
The Baby Lock Soprano delivers proper pressure and thread tension when sewing or quilting on different fabrics.

300 Built-In Stitches
From numerous utility stitches to decorative ones, offering something for every project on the Baby Lock Soprano.

Quick-Set, Top-Loading Bobbin
Ready to sew? Drop a bobbin in and go. Yes, it’s that easy on the Baby Lock Soprano.

Quilting Extension Table
Increase your sewing surface and provide extra support for larger projects. The table measures 12-? inches by 20-¾ inches.

Push Button Features
Change needle positions, raise and lower the presser foot, cut thread, start and stop sewing, and more - all with the touch of a button on the Baby Lock Soprano.

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