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Baby Lock Flare Embroidery Machine


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Ready to add your own unique touch to your projects, look no further than the Baby Lock Flare embroidery machine. With the generous embroidery field of 6.25-inch by 10.25-inch, you will have plenty of room to create an embroidery masterpiece on the Baby Lock Flare. Size, mirror, and color edit your designs using the large touchscreen. For your convenience, the Baby Lock Flare comes with the Design Database Transfer program, which allows you to choose from designs located on your computer that you can send instantly to the Baby Lock Flare via your Wi-Fi network.

The Baby Lock Flare Embroidery Machine Features Include:
6.25-inch by 10.25-inch Embroidery Field
293 Built-In Embroidery Designs
Wi-Fi Enabled for Design Database Transfer
14 Built-In Embroidery Fonts
Advanced Needle Threader

WI-FI Enabled
Use the Design Database Transfer to send designs from a computer to the Baby Lock Flare. Also, when the WLAN connection is enabled, you will receive notifications when new updates are available for the Baby Lock Flare.

Advanced Needle Threader
With just a few simple motions, the Baby Lock Flare needle is threaded and ready to use.

6.25-inches by 10.25-inches Embroidery Field
Stitch bigger embroidery designs and enjoy less re-hooping on the Baby Lock Flare with a large embroidery field of 6.25 inches by 10.25 inches.

293 Built-In Embroidery Designs
It’s easy to find inspiration for your next project thanks to the 293 built-in embroidery designs on the Baby Lock Flare.

Cuts Jump Stitches
Easily and automatically cut threads in the middle of an individual color segment instead of after each color. The Baby Lock Flare thread no longer travels across the hoop or your design, making your embroidery cleaner than ever.

Color Sort
When embroidering the same design more than once in the same hoop, activating Color Sort on the Baby Lock Flare will rearrange the embroidery order to minimize stopping for thread changes.

Push-Button Features
Push-button features make it easy to choose your settings on the Baby Lock Flare. You can position the needle up or down, cut thread, raise and lower the presser foot, start and stop sewing.

14 Built-In Embroidery Fonts
Use the Baby Lock Flare to personalize your projects with lettering. Choose from 14 built-in fonts and edit them like other designs. The Baby Lock Flare even lets you choose individual letters to make changes and create something unique.

On-Screen Embroidery Editing
Easy to make changes to your embroidery directly on the Baby Lock Flare screen. Resizing, rotating, and moving designs has never been so easy.

Color LCD Touch Screen - 4.85-inch by 2.5-inch
The Baby Lock Flare has everything you need, and it's just a touch away thanks to the convenient color LCD touch screen.

Quick-Set, Top-Loading Bobbin
Loading your bobbin has never been as easy as it is with the Baby Lock Flare. When you're ready to sew, drop a bobbin in and go.

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