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bernette 70 Deco


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Take your creativity to the next level with the Bernette 70 DECO, commonly called the b70 DECO. As a pure embroidery machine, the Bernette 70 DECO offers everything for personalizing or decorating clothing and accessories. This machine comes with over 200 embroidery designs installed. Want to create something truly yours on the Bernette 70 DECO? Upload and save your embroidery motifs via a USB flash drive. Raise your creativity to the next level with the embroidery software modules Lettering and Editing of BERNINA Toolbox.

The Bernette 70 DECO Features Include:
5-inch color touch screen to conveniently edit embroidery motifs
Easy and quick operation via multi-function knobs
Embroidery module with three hoops and embroidery hoop detection
Maximum embroidery area of 10-inches by 6-inches (260 x 160 mm) for large designs
208 preinstalled embroidery motifs
Compatible with multiple design formats
Convenient upper and lower thread sensors
BERNINA Toolbox embroidery software Lettering and Editing included

5-Inch Color Touch Screen
Find the perfect embroidery design, edit, and position it via drag & drop using the Bernette 70 DECO's 5-inch color touch screen.

Multi-Function Knobs
Finetune the size and position of your embroidery motif using the multi-function knobs on the Bernette 70 DECO.

Three Different-Sized Hoops and Hoop Detection
With three hoops included with the Bernette 70 DECO, it's easy to find the right hoop for the right project. You can embroider motifs up to 10 inches by 6 inches ( 260 x 160 mm) without re-hooping. The hoops are easy to open and close with a quick-release system. The automatic hoop detection ensures that you see the defined embroidery area of each hoop on the touch screen, so you can optimally adapt your embroidery design.

208 Embroidery Designs
On the Bernette 70 DECO, you will find 208 embroidery designs, seven embroidery alphabets installed, and a wide selection of motifs. The motifs can be edited on the touch screen, so you can easily rotate, flip, or combine design elements. If you want to create something unique you can upload motifs you edited and combined in your BERNINA Toolbox software via a USB flash drive. The Bernette 70 DECO is compatible with most embroidery design formats no need to convert files in a software program anymore.

Let your creativity run wild with the lettering and editing modules, 300 additional embroidery designs, and 100 additional fonts included in the Bernina Toolbox. Each module has a variety of embroidery motifs to download from the BERNINA Cloud. You can edit the embroidery motifs directly in the cloud using your tablet or laptop.

Upper and Lower Thread Sensors
The upper or lower thread sensors ensure that the Bernette 70 DECO immediately stops embroidering when one of your bobbins runs empty. You can continue embroidering your motif seamlessly once the bobbin is full again.

Thread Tension
While embroidering, the correct thread tension is essential. For some materials, such as lightweight or thin fabrics, adjusting the presser foot pressure and the thread tension indiviually is beneficial. The Bernette 70 DECO offers these practical features.

Thread Cutter
The basting stitches ensure your fabric does not slip from the stabilizer. You no longer have to cut off the threads when you change color or trim thread between jump stitches, thread is automatically cut while embroidering on the Bernette 70 DECO.

Even More Convenience
With the semi-automatic needle threader on the Bernette 70 DECO threading is a breeze. The presser foot is lowered automatically to the correct position, and the additional thread cutter holds the thread in place.

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