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Hotfix by the yard 12" wide

Designed for Home Cutters, Appliques, Quilting, Patches and More. 

Applies with a House Hold Iron.

Hotfix Adhesive™ is a fusible adhesive designed to work with cutters. What makes it different? There are no fibers so the cutter is not fighting to get through the fabric and then another layer of fibers.

That allows you to cut without any fraying. Simply iron the Hotfix Adhesive™ onto your fabric and it is ready to cut. No more mirroring the design. Hotfix Adhesive™ has a backing, place the fabric side up on your cutting mat and it is ready to cut.

To apply your designs remove the backing and iron on to your project. Hotfix Adhesive™ is a permanent bond. It is washable and requires no stitching.

Hotfix Adhesive™ is great for Applique and Patch work. Because it is a permanent bond the fabric will not lift up after washing. It will not gum up on your needle when doing your satin stitch.

In addition to Fabric, Hotfix Adhesive™ bonds to wood and paper. It is acid free so it is safe to apply to your photo projects as well.

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