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Repair Services

Our Repair Room
Repairs are done here in the store by a certified Baby Lock and Viking/Husqvarna technician. He has over twenty years of repair experience servicing all brands. Our technician is in the store on Wednesdays to do repairs. We ask that your machine is dropped off here in the store before close on Tuesday to guarantee service on Wednesday. Machines are ready for pickup the next day unless a part needs to be ordered to complete the repair.

Protect Your Investment
A well-made sewing machine should operate perfectly for many years. With proper care, all machines – sewing, quilting or serger – will continue to operate beautifully.

Dirty Machines Clog Progress
Sewing is a dirty business! It's amazing the amount of lint that builds up inside your sewing machine where you never see it. Stray threads, dust, and lint from fabric and batting can build up in your machine. With time, the debris can cause tension problems and even damage your machine.

Cleaning & Repair Services
Decorative Stitch recommends annual cleaning for all sewing machines, to ensure everything stays in good working order. We want to make caring for your sewing machines as easy as possible!

  • Free Estimates for models needing repair
  • All Brands/All Models serviced
  • Factory Trained & Authorized technician on site
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