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Creative Opportunities

Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting shared a “tease” today of one of the most recent episodes we filmed with Karla Herrin of Pfaff Sewing Machines. The “tease” is what we film letting you know what you will learn watching the upcoming episode. I started to share it on the Sew Positively Sara facebook page and realized, I had too much to say! This is better off as a blog post.

I started in the sewing industry as a 23 year old, with limited sewing knowledge and a good amount of sales experience in the insurance industry. The first major show I attended in the in my new capacity was working for Pfaff in the booth at Nancy’s Notions! It was the last year she carried Pfaff and I was to rent a car for all of the educators who would be working with me. Little did I know, you have to be 24 to rent a car… I felt very uncomfortable (frankly unworthy) within my new role… add to that the embarrassment of not even being able to rent a car… I really had an up hill climb as I started in my new career!

There a handful of educators who took me under their wing as a “newbie”. Ray Smith – classy, talented, elegant. I wish I knew where he is now. Margaret Morehead – his event partner who currently runs the “Virtual Sewing Guild” and is another great talent. Lori Baker – she is currently the Acquisitions Editor for several quilting titles and now the Content Editor for Love of Quilting. My “Big Brother Louis Carney, who now works for Brother. Finally, Karla Herrin. All of these people supported me while I worked for that brand and after, they were my team and are now some of my greatest mentors and friends.

Karla, is a problem solver. She is the absolute queen of finding the “Creative Opportunity” in any sewing mistake. She is creative, inventive and an absolute riot to spend sewing time with! Pfaff Sewing Machines is the machine sponsor of LofQ so they send a guest for a couple of episodes and I am so thankful that they have sent Karla for the last couple of seasons. It’s a great honor to be able to share my friend with all of you!

As they say, sewing is the tie that binds. Regardless of your sewing expertise, genre or brand loyalty; in a room full of makers, you will find a friend. You’ll find people who educate, inspire and support you. Who are those people for you? I am so tickled each time I bump into a fan who tells me how much they learn from the show. It is my great hope that you will take what you learn, share it with someone new and become a part of their sewing support system as Karla has for me.

I hope that when you watch our episodes, my admiration of Karla shows. I hope that you see how when I’m sewing with her, I’m sewing with a girlfriend like so many of you do in your classes, guilds and sewing bees! Join us! Check out this latest episode with one of my favorite sewing buddies for inspiration, laughs and creativity!
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